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Brand manifest

How do we make a good food?
Discover our secret ingredients.

of ingredients

We select the best ingredients from respected producers.


We wouldn’t be here without it. And it’s been with us for more than 20 years.

Great team

Baker, cook or driver, all of them are important.


We’re constantly developing new products. We bring new tastes from all over the world.

We bake for you

more than 100000 products daily

Every morning you can smell freshly baked bread from our own bakery. We use 120 ton of flour monthly.

We prepared more than

40 original

The maximum quality is guaranteed by a respected chef and our friend Marek Ort who gives Pierre Baguette not only his culinary know-how but also a piece of his heart.

We look for

the best   quality

In our quest for the best ingredients we wouldn’t hesitate to go to the edge of the world. In case of lettuce it almost was a reality – the founders of Pierre Baguette reached for them in Andalusia to the heights of 2.000 m.

Delivering to 1500 outlets daily

We deliver our fresh products to 1500 outlets every morning.
We make almost 2.300.000 km yearly.

Where can you find us?

You can find our good food throughout the whole Slovakia, in Austrian or Czech Billa and also in Poland - in chains Orlen or Biedronka.


Hot novelty comes served hot! Right from the contact grill in your favourite cafe, pub, bistro, wine bar, loft, fitness, créperie or even your office.


Why is our Debrecen baguette the most popular one? We won’t give you the recipe but we can tell you one thing: all our baguettes are baked in our own bakery in Sladkovicovo. Can you smell the fresh bread?


Golden chicken nuggets with crispy lettuce in white sesame baguette.

Ingredients Wheat baguette with sesame seeds, golden chicken nuggets, slightly hot paprika dressing, fresh lettuce

Energy 1290kJ/100g

Allergens gluten, soya, sesame seeds, eggs, mustard.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 180g


Vegetarian classic for lovers of high quality cheese. With fresh butter, eggs and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients pretzel-lyed wheat bagguette, Maasdamer cheese, eggs, butter with salt, lettuce, spring onions

Energy 1267KJ/100g 303kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, milk, soya, eggs.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 170g


Legendary meat specialty, wraped in paprika, slightly hot Andalusian dressing – top secret recipe for the best seller – non-stop since 1996.

Ingredients wheat baguette, Debrecen specialty, Eidam cheese, Andalusian dressing, spring onions

Energy 1196kJ/100g 286kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, soya, milk, eggs, mustard.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 210g


Slightly hot chicken breasts fried in a special way with Little Gem lettuce and traditional mayonnaise.

Ingredients wheat baguette, traditional mayonnaise, slightly hot chicken breasts, fresh lettuce

Energy 1421kJ/100g 341kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, soya, eggs, mustard.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 240g


A classic. A ham from family owned meat company, juicy tomatoes and crispy lettuce with special dressing.

Ingredients wheat baguette, pork ham, mayonnaise, tomatoes, crispy lettuce

Energy 1114KJ/100g 267kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, soya, eggs, mustard.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 220g


Peasant delicacy of smoked ham, horseradish dressing, boiled egg and pickles.

Ingredientsmulticereal baguette, special pork ham, horseradish, eggs, pickles.

Energy 1172KJ/100g 281kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, soya, eggs, mustard.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 210g


French classic with delicate 96% ham of highest quality, tasty Eidam cheese, genuine butter and crispy pickles. Magnifique!

Ingredients Wheat baguette, 96% pork ham of highest quality, Eidam cheese, butter with salt, pickles

Energy1232kJ/100g 295 kcal/100g

Allergensgluten, milk, soya.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 185g


Bite the gentle bread baked in our bakery and discover the taste of original Spanish Calvo tunafish, lettuce from Andalusia, tasty chicken or crispy bacon. Be it your breakfast or a brunch your taste buds will applaud.


Probably the most popular sandwich of anglossassan cousine with atlantic tuna fish, egg and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients gentle white toast bread, mayonnaise, tuna fish, eggs, fresh lettuce, spring onions

Energy 1298KJ/100g 311kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, mustard, fish, eggs, soya.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 200g


Classic English sandwich with a bread like feathers and real portion of smoked ham, eggs and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients white toast bread, mayonnaise, smoked pork ham, eggs, fresh lettuce

Energy 1259kJ/100g 302kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, mustard, eggs, soya.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 210g

Bacon Club

Double sandwich with grilled bacon, boiled egg, crunchy lettuce and juicy tomato.

Ingredients malt bread, mayonnaise, baked bacon, eggs, fresh vegetables.

Energy 1211kJ/100g 291kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, mustard, eggs.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 220g


After he conquered the world, the legendary salad with slowly baked chicken fillet and bacon has found its place in this sandwich.

Ingredients malt bread, Caesar dressing, chicken, baked English bacon, fresh lettuce

Energy 1079kJ/100g 258kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, eggs, mustard, milk.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 205g


Do you fancy having a real portion of gently smoked beef ham in a genuine New York sandwich? Oh, yeah!

Ingredients white bread with caraway seeds, pastrami beef ham, Dijon dressing, pickles, fresh lettuce

Energy 923 kJ/100 g

Allergens gluten, eggs, mustard, milk.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 190g


3 portions, 3 different tastes. Tandori chicken, grilled chicken, eggs and bacon. Whether on a trip or in the office, hunger has not a chance.

Ingredients 2 white and 1 malt bread, tandoori chicken salad, slightly hot grilled chicken breasts, bacon, lettuce, egg dressing.

Energy 1161kJ/100g 278kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, mustard, eggs, celery.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 270g


Mexico sandwich is back! Good old sandwich comes with a new recipe. Chicken grilled on fire with hot salsa and mascarpone in a corn bread.

Ingredients corn bread, chicken breasts, vegetables’ salsa, lettuce, mascarpone, mayonnaise

Energy 1025kJ/100g 245kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, corn, eggs, soya, mustard, milk.
May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 205g

You can find a lot of worldly cousins and unique taste combinations in our products but there is one thing that our baguettes, sandwiches, twistillas and panini have in common: the best quality ingredients.

Debrecen ham

The marriage of paprika and delicious ham makes the Debrecen ham a popular meat specialty. And when it comes together with our unique Andalusian dressing and fresh bread, a legend is born – our long term best-seller Debrecen baguette.

Mladá cibuľka

Young onions

We call it a magical one because in a right amount it can make a miracle. Great combinations are changed to perfect combinations. Taste it e.g. in our baguette with turkey ham.


It’s called Little Gem and it grows in altitude of 2000 metres in Andalusia because only in Andalusia there is a specific soil and suitable conditions throughout the whole year for growing it. Our founders where there to learn in person but you don’t have to go that far. You can taste it in our products in the most tasty combinations.


Our tomatoes have their name. They are called San Marzano what means probably “the most juicy tomatoes in the world”. At least what you translate it for when you taste them with our great dressings.


Some people love it, some hate it. And we grill it :) Try it in combination with boiled egg, crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes in our Bacon Club sandwich and let’s step to the side of lovers.

Herbs and spices

Many times it’s after all the right combination of herbs and spices that makes our dressings and meat the taste you will love. Here, too, is the proof of mastery of our friend, acclaimed chef Marek Ort. Taste his know-how in specially spiced ham Pastrami.


The best way to make someone smile is not to say „cheeeese” but rather taste it. Our cheese comes from different cheese masters but there is one thing they have in common: delicious taste that will make your taste buds more than happy.


Chicken strips

You make poems about them but we could give lectures about them since we make them in Sladkovicovo from the point bare chicken breasts are delivered. We cut it by hand, wrap them in special blend developed by our chief Marek Ort that can be found nowhere else, and finally fry them always in a new oil.

...and a lot of other high-quality ingredients that make our food really a good food.

Grilled turkey fillet, crispy lettuce Little Gem with blue cheese dressing. And all wrapped in wheat tortilla from unleavened dough inspired by Indian cousin of Latin America.

Ingredients wheat tortilla, Niva cheese dressing, turkey breasts, fresh vegetables

Energy 11108kJ/100g 265kcal/100g

Allergens gluten, milk, mustard, eggs, soya. May contain sesame seeds.

Net weight 190g


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